Pokemon Go Bot V2.3 - EXPokeBot

Catching a Pokemon
Specify the location where you want to catch Pokemon, then Pokemon Go Bot (EXPokeBot) automatically using the modified GPS will visit the places and try to collect as you found Pokemon to your inventory, all found Pokemon you will find in the report, you can also enable the treatment options best Pokemon during the struggle for gyms
Visiting Pokestops & Incubation Eggs
During the collection of Pokemons, Pokemon Go Bot, visit met along the way pokestops and gather with him Pokeballs and others fall out of these things, bot simulates normal walking in a specific area through a GPS signal, therefore, it is possible to incubate the eggs 2 KM and 5 KM, an option for yourself you can choose in the settings, you like to sleep a lothowever, you want to be a champion pokemon? Great EXPokeBot do it.
Improving Pokémon & Use Incense
After collecting a fixed amount of Pokemons, or the amount of data Pokemons for example. Pitachu, the bot will start to improve the statistics of your best pokemon in the group Pokemons, up to the maximum number of possible CP, from now on I think you can overcome more gyms opponents, while improving Pokemons, Pokemon Go Bot will turn incense attracting new Pokemon to your inventory
Automatic Picking Gyms
 When your Pokemon will have developed enough and will have a high Combat Power, EXPokeBot will attack gyms which are weaker Pokemon, leave a random pokemon to defend gymu, it is worth recalling that for the time of acquisition gyms get additional equipment to your account.
Way to Ban soft & Reports
The program works by using GPS location in a position close to the area of residence thanks to this it looks very natural and our users do not get soft ban on the game. In addition, an interesting solution is the daily reporty of action Pokemon Go Bot, in the report you will find Pokemon gained and the entire log performing bot step by step available as a .txt or .pdf

The world’s first Pokemon Go Bot is available in 20 languages

Collect new Pokemon, even when you sleep, and show off to your friends


EXPokeBot can collect Pokemon every day , even when you do not have time to do it because you’re at work, at school or at a meeting. Download bot he will do it for you.

EXPokeBot for Pokemon-Go automatically comes on your area using the Fake GPS, however, is safe due to the of a defined area of collecting for example. 100km from the named place, collecting Pokeballs, eggs has never been so easy. EXPokeBot Pokestop visit all the stations in your area and save your time.

Pokemon Go Bot is the first fully updated operating software, also we tried to be simple to use and configure.

EXPokeBot notifies you also during special events like a reflection gym or finding unique pokemon, you can set things up to your liking.

EXPokeBot V2.3 Other Features

Get 2000 CP Pokemons every day

Transfer your Pokemon even improved

More than 20 languages including English, French, Polish, Italian, German

Clean interface GUI

1. EXPokeBot download and save to a new location
2. Extract the .dll files and .exe files into the new folder
3. Be sure to read the readme file from the cookbook use and function description
4. Enter the config file and auth and set the appropriate settings for yourself
5. Open Poke.EXPokeBot.GUI
6. Well, you can now gain new Pokemon

Example settings

Show spoiler
Speed: 15km / h
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Sniper: ON
KeepMinCp 400
Log: ON

FREE Version

( only 1 computer license )
  • Run only 1 computer
  • Friendly GUI and interface
  • Anti Ban algorithm
  • Collecting Pokemons
  • Collecting unique Pokemons
  • Collecting pokestops
  • Gaining XP per hour
  • Accurate statistics
  • Evolution Pokemons
  • Works 24/7


Work on unlimited pc & vps servers
  • All options include additional
  • Special offer for reseller
  • Special Framework.NET for VPS
  • Support Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R1
  • Work in linux servers Debian and Ubuntu
  • Accurate Statistics
  • Evolution Pokemons
  • Collecting Pokemons
  • Collecting Unique Pokemons
  • Collecting Pokestops
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Questions we will help you

If you have questions regarding payment or bot, please contact us, we are at your disposal if you want you can buy a license key above it, contact the „contact us” or directly on contact@pokegobot.eu problem with payment write on payment@pokegobot.eu

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