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pokemon go guide

1. The highest level of experience in the game is 40

None of the millions of players Pokemon Go not yet reached the maximum level of experience. No wonder – to drive home to him from the first level, you need twenty million points XP! Sam promotion from 39 to 40 levels requires taking five million XP.

2. Secrets of strength wild Pokémon

However, you do not need to tap the 40 level to meet on your way very strong Pokemon. Maximum CP encountered by our wild Pokémon continues to increase after reaching a level of thirty. At the strongest creatures hatched from eggs we can expect from the level of the twentieth. Additional curiosity: in the future in the game may appear incubators reduce the distance needed to hatch the eggs.

3. Legendary Pokemon and Master Ball

The game code found information on the rarest Pokémon. Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno is a legendary Pokemon, Mew and is defined as a mythical Pokemon. Interestingly, legendary creatures have no difficulty determining factor in closing their Pokeballu. Perhaps this means that their capture is required Master Ball. Details of the strongest of the balls have also been sewn into the game, but we have no idea how to enter in its possession. Perhaps a reward for achieving a very high level of experience?

4. Secrets fight

It came to light a lot of the details of the system in the fight Pokemon Go. It turned out that it is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Some aspects have already guessed, and received only a confirmation, others are a surprise:

  • Attacks „super effective” load strap special attack much faster than traditional.
  • Pokemon defending the camp, wdat attacks both at one and a half seconds
  • Attack power increased by 25% when it represents the same type as Pokemon. Water Pokemon using the movement of
  • Water can handle this better than creature-type Natural Gas.
  • Each attack has its own statistics accuracy and critical hit chance
  • The damage done by the attack may increase with increasing level of experience coaching

5. Catching Pokemon

Each type of Pokemon has its own parameters determining how often escapes and how difficult it is to catch him. Overclocked Pokeballami kicks and throws awarded extra experience points (Excellent, Great etc.) increase our chances of catching creature. Along with getting our experience, increases the difficulty of catching Pokemon.

6. Bonus: the strongest Pokemon

Dragonite has the strongest attack of all Pokémon that are not legends. The strongest Pokémon in general is, however, Mewtwo. We know the statistics of three legendary birds – Moltres impressive force Articuno is resistant to attacks, and Zapdos has the most balanced performance.

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